Colorado: Where Sustainability Meets Culinary Innovation

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3PM Design – Colorado Food Service Design

3PM Design is a Food service Colorado Kitchen Design Agency that specializes in commercial kitchen design and consulting for the food service Industry across the nation and internationally.

Pierre Metellus Founder of 3PM Design of Colorado, U.S.

3PM Design, founded by Pierre Metellus in 2006, is based in Aurora, Colorado.  Aurora is adjacent to Denver, Colorado.  Also serving the west coast in Riverside, California.

International Sustainable Commercial Kitchen Design in Colorado

Within a short seven years, Pierre has led the 3PM Design to grow nationally and internationally, with emphasis on providing sustainable commercial kitchen design  in Colorado with state of the art kitchen equipment that is functional, on time and within budget.  We take a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure every project whether small or large will meets or exceeds the client expectations.

Sustainable Design Consulting Design

Colorado’s Premier Foodservice and Kitchen Design Experts | Catering to diverse sectors such as schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, government buildings, hotels, entertainment centers, sports stadiums, theme parks, golf courses, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, prisons, and airports.

Locations Map In or Near Colorado

Front Range

Western Slope

  • Grand Junction
  • Durango
  • Montrose
  • Glenwood Springs

South Central Colorado

  • Pueblo
  • Canon City
  • Salida

Eastern Plains

  • Sterling
  • Fort Morgan
  • Limon

Northern Colorado

  • Loveland
  • Greeley
  • Longmont


  • Golden
  • Evergreen
  • Morrison

High Country

  • Vail
  • Aspen
  • Breckenridge

Pierre Metellus: A Pioneer in Colorado’s Commercial Kitchen Design

Pierre Metellus, armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture, has always been passionate about the problem-solving elements essential to kitchen design within the architecture industry.

Championing Sustainable Design in Colorado

Early in his career, Pierre Metellus worked with various architectural firms, discovering a significant gap: most architects struggled to create functional commercial kitchens. Often, the emphasis was more on aesthetics than on the practicalities of the back-of-house operations. This realization drove Pierre to specialize in Sustainable Design, a philosophy that aims for a balanced approach to social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Leading Food Service, Laundry, and Laboratory Design in Colorado

Finding his true calling, Pierre has devoted over two decades to mastering virtually every aspect of food service, laundry, and laboratory design. His deep knowledge and experience led to the founding of 3PM Design. Today, 3PM Design stands as one of Colorado’s most invaluable resources in kitchen, laundry, and laboratory design and consulting for the foodservice industry.

3PM Design specializes in delivering eco-friendly kitchen design solutions in Colorado, actively contributing to LEED certification with a keen understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

Achieving LEED Certification in Colorado: A Pledge to Eco-Friendly Practices

Navigating the path to LEED certification within Colorado’s foodservice industry is complex but rewarding. Governed by the USGBC’s rigorous standards, each project stakeholder, from the owner-operators to architects and general contractors, must fully engage in sustainable practices. At 3PM Design in Colorado, we are your dedicated partners in meeting and surpassing these stringent environmental standards.

Meeting Colorado’s Sustainability Demands

The push for eco-conscious living in Colorado has led to game-changing innovations in foodservice equipment. These upgrades are increasingly essential to meet the state’s growing sustainability demands. As Colorado’s leaders in eco-friendly kitchen design, 3PM Design educates project stakeholders about these cutting-edge technologies, promoting a more sustainable foodservice industry across the state.