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3PM Design – Long Beach California Food Service Design

3PM Design is a Food service California Kitchen Design Agency that specializes in commercial kitchen design and consulting for the food service Industry across the nation and internationally.

Pierre Metellus Founder of 3PM Design of California, U.S.

3PM Design, founded by Pierre Metellus in 2006, is based in Aurora, Colorado.  Aurora is adjacent to Denver, Colorado.  Also serving the west coast in Riverside, California.

International Sustainable Commercial Kitchen Design in Long Beach, California

Within a short seven years, Pierre has led the 3PM Design to grow nationally and internationally, with emphasis on providing sustainable commercial kitchen design  in Long Beach California with state of the art kitchen equipment that is functional, on time and within budget.  We take a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure every project whether small or large will meets or exceeds the client expectations.

Sustainable Design Consulting Design

Foodservice Design | Kitchen Design | Market segments we serve to include:
schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, government buildings, hotels, entertainment centers, sport stadiums, theme parks, golf courses, restaurants, bars, night clubs, prisons, and airports.

Pierre Metellus

Pierre Metellus graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. He has always had a passion for problem-solving, an important kitchen design element required in the architecture industry.

Sustainable design

Mr. Pierre Metellus spent his early years working with a variety of architectural design firms. He found that most Architects have great difficulty designing a functional commercial kitchen. This is mainly because more focus is placed on the aesthetic appeal, and less interest is placed on the back of the ‘house’. Over time, Pierre became interested in Sustainable design. (also called environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design, etc.) Sustainable design is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of socialeconomic, and ecological sustainability.[1]

Food Service, Laundry, and Laboratory Design | California Commercial Kitchen Design

Pierre quickly found his niche and has dedicated over twenty years to virtually working in every facet of the food service, laundry, and laboratory industry. With extensive knowledge and experience, Pierre has acquired over the years that led to the formation of 3 PM Design. Today 3PM Design has become one of the most valuable kitchen, laundry, and laboratory design and consulting firms for the foodservice industry.

3PM Design is here to provide sustainable kitchen design solutions, and actively participates in earning LEED credits through an informed and educated understanding of the latest technology.

LEED certification

Pursuing LEED certification is no simple task.  The USGBC has placed significant guidelines and steps foodservice operators need to follow to ensure that their facilities are responsible for improving the environment, by adopting sustainability and striving to live up to it in practice.  In other words, earning LEED credit required by all professionals that are involved in the project, from the owner-operators to the architects, engineers, general contractors, building maintenance operators, and consultants.

Sustainability Demand

With the green movement impacting how we live and preserving our environment for future generations, Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers have tremendously improved their equipment with the latest technologies and renovations in response to the sustainability demand. It is our responsibility as a company to educate the owner-operators, architects, and engineers on the advancements in technology in the foodservice segment.